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What happens to the pregnant body?

Pregnant woman wearing black leggings and bra

Changes to a woman’s body during pregnancy include an expanding belly and rib cage, a shift in posture, and increased breast size. Still, maternity wear can often be an afterthought for pregnant and nursing women, especially when it comes to their body’s comfort and support. 

bbhugme’s new Pregnancy Essentials line, which includes the Everyday Nursing Bra, Comfort Bra, Pregnancy Leggings, and Pregnancy Support Belt, was designed with a woman’s changing body in mind. 

“Changes to a woman’s body and feelings of discomfort during pregnancy vary from woman to woman. Some noticeable changes are felt at the very beginning while others happen in the middle or at the end of pregnancy,” says renowned Norwegian chiropractor and bbhugme co-founder Hilde Tavares. “That’s an important perspective because clothing for pregnancy and nursing should be dynamic. Our whole philosophy behind this new line is that you need clothing that helps you feel supported but not constricted.

Physical changes in pregnancy range from larger breasts, widening of the hips and pelvis, and swollen feet to varicose veins and natural weight gain. Meanwhile, your growing uterus shifts your center of gravity, weakening your abdominal muscles and changing your posture, which strains your back. 

 Tavares, whose chiropractic practice specializes in prenatal and postnatal care, designed prototypes for the Pregnancy Essentials line and asked for input and feedback from her clients. 

“We’re focused on what the body needs,” she says.  


Introducing the Pregnancy Essentials Line 


The Everyday Nursing Bra offers soft, gentle support without itchy underwires.  Adjustable for optimal fit, the bra’s unique design prevents removable pads from falling out during nursing. 


The Comfort Bra, ideal for moms-to-be and new moms, features a soft and stretchy material to support tender breasts, plus a wrap-around design for easy access during late-night feedings. 

Tavares says an ill-fitting nursing bra that constricts your breasts can affect your milk flow and potentially cause mastitis, an inflammation of the breast. 

“It’s very important to have a supportive but unrestrictive bra to allow for normal circulation and milk flow throughout the day,” she says. “We know there is a huge difference in breast size between morning and night when you’re nursing. You need that softness without underwires digging at you so you can have normal circulation.” 


The Pregnancy Leggings are breathable and high-waisted to give your belly room to grow unrestricted with an under-belly support system. The leggings hug your body without any chaffing.  


“Your blood volume increases a lot in pregnancy, and there is discomfort in your legs and feet. You can get varicose veins, heaviness, and swelling in legs,” Tavares says. “We wanted to design pregnancy leggings that have compression to help with the circulation in your legs. Healthy circulation is good for mom’s health and the baby’s health.” 


The Pregnancy Support Belt stabilizes and supports your pelvis and lower back while keeping your core muscles activated. It works by holding your pelvis more together, giving you a feeling of stability and relief and making it easier for you to carry. 

“When you’re pregnant, hormonal changes cause the connective tissue—what’s holding the bones together—to become relaxed and stretchy,” she says. “When that happens, you may lose a little bit of the stability that you have in your body and your joints.” 

Investing in bbhugme’s high-quality, supportive, and comfortable Pregnancy Essentials Line is good for the body and mind, Tavares says.  

“Having a baby is not just a personal responsibility. It’s a societal responsibility. We need to put more effort into supporting that space, and clothing is one way to do that,” she says. “It feels good to have clothing that fits. If you feel good and have a sense of wellness, that's positive for you and positive for your growing baby.” 

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